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About Us

“Señora Jackie” started the Cultural Bytes INTERACTIVE LANGUAGE PROGRAM to make learning Spanish, French and Mandarin for kids fun and engaging. Actively teaching for over 30 years toddlers to college students she finally settled for elementary school students when she started her program in 2010.

Starting off with a few schools for enrichment classes and a handful locations for camps we grew our program to teaching almost 300 kids per year!

With the pandemic we’ve quickly and successfully adjusted to ONLINE classes in all three languages. And, now we offer ADULT classes, too.  

Our kids ages 4-8 learn better in reduced size classes. All of them absorb so much more in a small and focused environment. In person camps in the Los Angeles area with less than ten kids vs Live one-on-one Online classes whenever and wherever… it’s so hard to choose…

A spiral curriculum sprinkled with fun theme based activities; rich vocabulary and expressive language cleverly infused; using only the target language along with a variety of cultural aspects interwoven with colorful materials and outstanding teachers are just part of our hidden success over the years.

Join us for a class and experience what just a little out-of-the box thinking can do for you and your family. Give us a call for a free consultation about programs available and tips for multilingual learners.

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