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About Us

We love kids! We love teaching. We love languages!

“Señora Jackie” is passionate about teaching languages! Her teaching career started when she was very young and wanted to share with everyone everything she was learning in the different languages she was exposed to, and the bits of culture that each of these foreign lands would have to offer.

More than 10 years ago, she started her own language program that has garnered so many positive reviews from happy parents and great students! The Cultural Bytes – Interactive Language program solves many of the common language learning challenges: “building confidence”, “developing vocabulary” and “improving sentence structures” and “usage”, by connecting these and most basic challenges to culturally relevant material through games, activities and authentic books. Understand the culture, understand the language. 

Native speaking teachers for Spanish, French and Mandarin and a thematic circular curriculum support this great and unique learning environment. We only use the target language your students signed up for in each class! Why? Well, that’s exactly how Señora Jackie learned all the languages she speaks… 

Kids ages 4-12 learn much better in reduced size classes. They absorb more in a small and focused environment. 

The pandemic has only made us stronger. We are open! More kids from farther away have joined and enjoyed our classes online and even fly in from the East coast for our in person classes in the summer and winter. We make parents feel safe and heard since we’re all in this together. 

Join us for a class and experience what just a little out-of-the box thinking can do for you and your family. Give us a call for a free consultation about programs available and tips for multilingual learners.


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