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Exciting Topics For Our Virtual Campers

Exciting Topics For Our Virtual Campers

Exciting Topics For Our Virtual Campers
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We have finally started June! Summer weather is finally creeping up on us and we can not wait for that summer fun at camp. In the meantime we are setting our sights on ViLaCa. Last week we went into further detail on what topics we teach our students. The Capuchin monkey, or Mono Capuchino, is an example of one of the animals that our students get to learn about. We go over important information such as characteristics of the animal, its habitat, eating habits and more! Check out our post from last week, Join us!, to learn more. Exciting Topics For Our Virtual Campers


“A folklore story that is well known throughout Latin America…


There are always new and exciting topics for our virtual campers to learn during the week! Today we introduce to the students a variety of foods, fruits, vegetables, and ingredients. This way they can learn about what people eat in Latin America and learn fun new recipes. For example, panela! It is a block of sweetness, an unrefined whole sugar cane. It is known by different names throughout Latin America, such as Rapadura, Piloncillo, Tapa de dulce, and Chancaca. summer fun Exciting TopicsJoin 

On Tuesday they will learn about the many wondrous animals found in Latin America, like the Turpial Venezolano. It is a beautiful bird and is the national bird of Venezuela! On Wednesday they will learn about points of interest that are found throughout Latin America. Like French Guiana, it is an overseas department and single territorial collectivity of France that borders with Brazil.  Lastly, on Thursday our students will get the chance to learn about Latin American culture through stories, poems, and their characters. A story like La Llorona. A folklore story that is well known throughout Latin America. La Llorona is a ghost who roams the waterfront areas in mourning of her lost children. 

There is so much to learn at ViLaCa, if you have not already, join us! We tune in Monday through Thursday. Check out our Cultural Bytes website to learn what this interactive program has to offer.


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