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La Llorona

La Llorona
Photo by Ugur Arpaci on Unsplash

Welcome back to our Byte Blog! Continuing our Spanish learning journey with ViLaCa we will see time and time again all the fascinating topics our students will be learning! Last week our blog featured a carnival from Panama. Carnivals are celebrated in many countries in Latin America. Check out last week’s blog, The Carnivals of Panama to learn more! La Llorona

Our Byte Blog has featured a handful of legendary stories, these stories are of supernatural, natural events or a mixture of both that have been passed down from generation to generation. A lot of the time these legends are passed down orally, but can also have been passed down through writing.La Lloron

Today we will be sharing with you the legends of La Llorona. Many many years ago in a Mexican city called Xochimilco people heard the cries of a woman. She would cry out “Where are my children! Where are my sons!?”. These cries were heard throughout the city causing its people to lose sleep. Rumors spread throughout the cities and towns, that these cries belonged to a woman who was dressed in white and had long dark hair. Others claimed that she did not walk and she was actually able to fly. She slowly roamed the squares and streets of the villages and headed towards the river. By day break she had disappeared into the water as though she had melted into it. 

“These cries were heard throughout the city causing its people to lose sleep.

Many wondered why this woman was crying and who she was. It was believed that this woman was a person from the past. She was in love with a man she could never marry because of his untimely death. Her sadness overwhelmed her so much that she neglected the three children and they grew up as orphans. Every night she returned from the beyond to watch over them. Other sources say that her suffering was from the fact that one day she left her home and when she returned her children were gone. Her children were taken from her. From that moment on she never stopped looking for them even after passing away. Having understood that her intentions were not of malice, the people of Xochimilco were able to rest easy. 

Have you heard of the stories of La Llorona before? If so let us know in the comments! Check back in next week for our next blog.


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