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The Flower Fair

The Flower Fair
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Welcome back to our Byte Blog! Continuing our Spanish learning journey with ViLaCa we will see time and time again all the fascinating topics our students will be learning! Last week our blog featured a town in Venezuela that would make you think you are in a town found in Germany. This town is filled with a blend of German and Venezuelan customs and traditions. Check out last week’s blog, The Germany of the Carribean to learn more! The Flower Fair

Medellín, Colombia comes together to celebrate a traditional event every year, The Flower Fair. This festival is the most emblematic celebration of the city, and it is a Raizal, cultural and historical icon and takes place in August. This fair offers the people of  Medellín a wide variety of events and shows, not all related to flowers. Every year thousands of people gather around to remember, exalt, and perpetuate the values of Antioquia.  Flowers such as the immortelle, the carnation, the sunflower or the orchid help showcase the intimate character of the Paisa culture.


“Every year thousands of people gather around to remember, exalt, and perpetuate the  values of Antioquia


There are many activities that bring life to this festival such as musical tablados in all the neighborhoods of the city, Mule and Fondas muleteers, the Silleteros Parade, and the “Cabalgata”. Many tourists flock to Medellín, transforming the city into a vibrant place. These events earned the city a moniker, the “City of Eternal Spring”. The first Flower Fair was held in  Medellín on May 1, 1957. At the time May was the month designated to flowers. The first celebration lasted five days! The Silleteros parade has more than 500 silleteros show their floral creations in different categories. This is typically held in Guayabal Avenue. A Bicycle fair is also held during this time. A bike ride through the streets of  Medellín to promote the use of bicycles with categories such as “flowers, work on a bike, classic, institutional and famous people”. This event brings around 3,000 citizens riding their bicycles through the streets of Medellín.

Flowers, music, bicycles, and so much more can be found during the Flower Fair in  Medellín. Have you ever visited Medellín during this time in August? If so, let us know about it in the comments below!

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