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Virtual Fun

Virtual Fun

Virtual Fun
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Welcome to another week of our Byte Blog! A quick recap of what happened last week, here at Cultural Bytes we have been getting ready for summer. A lot of exciting things are happening and we are so excited to share it with you! Our Summer language day camp will be starting soon and we can’t wait. If you missed out on last week’s blog post, Summer Language Day Camps, check it out! Virtual Fun

Virtual Fun
Part of the fun was to use a map to locate these places and learn why they are important


These camps are offered in Spanish and French. The camps are open to kids in the ages of four to six and seven to twelve. This a great opportunity for students who are currently enrolled or will be enrolling in dual language schools. English will not be spoken at the camp, it is total immersion! With our camps being in-person, the students will have the opportunity to practice the target languages differently, and socialize with other students in their age group and language level. All while practicing the proper CDC guidelines for Covid-19. Getting ready for summer

As we wait for summer camp fun with Cultural Bytes, let’s take a look at the topics that are being taught in ViLaCA! Last week, students in our Spanish virtual camp had many interesting and new things to learn about the language and culture. On Monday the students were introduced to a variety of foods which include fruits and vegetables. This way students can identify fruits and vegetables in Spanish that they know in English while also learning new ones that can be found in Latin American countries.

On Tuesday they learned about land, sea, and air animals that are native in Spanish speaking countries. Wednesday was a favorite one for me! Our students learned about important locations in Latin America. Part of the fun was to use a map to locate these places and learn why they are important. Reaching Thursday, our happy campers enjoyed story time. They learned about different stories, poems, characters, and used their creativity to make their own stories in class! Virtual fun while learning a language is definitely possible.

Waiting for summer makes it seem like it will never get here but we already have so  much fun Monday through Thursday with ViLaCa. If you haven’t had the opportunity to join us in our Virtual Language Camp take a look at the Cultural Bytes website to learn what this interactive program has to offer. Getting ready for summer


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