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A Saturday Class with Cultural Bytes
A Saturday Class with Cultural Bytes

LOOKing for FUN ONLINE classes for kids in Spanish who already speak Spanish?

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Online Language Classes

#Vilaca is our latest membership program for kids who understand enough Spanish in their homes but just don’t feel equipped enough to speak and therefore don’t like answering in Spanish. It’s also for kids who are already very immersed in the hispanic world whether it be through dual language school or be it at home with family and want additional and deeper content through culture to make the language come alive. This program is like learning meaningful content that would appear on NatGEO plus Sesame Street and PBS with a live teacher every time. All material presented is our own. Your student must be almost bilingual or very close to one since sessions are only in Spanish.

We’re offering a small, maximum 10 kids to a session and to a group,  LIVE culturally relevant 60-min session program at 2 different schedules California time. Age appropriate games, activities and crafts.  Monday through Thursday, one-hour sessions per age group, one topic per day. Learning facts about the 21 Spanish speaking countries for kids just got easier through our ViLaCa program.

Emails are sent every Monday with the list of materials needed for that week’s crafts associated with that day’s lesson.
Join per session (60 min) or for the whole month (16 hours)!

Online Language Classes

Yummy food and dishes from any of the 21 Spanish speaking countries. We’re talking every week about the wide variety of fruits and vegetables and well known dishes that these regions are famous for.

Online Language Classes

Fun & quirky animals that live and roam these lands. Your kids’ pets are invited to join and be part of the fun of learning more about animals in the sea, land, or in the air that are limited sometimes to one specific area.

Online Language Classes

Far & cool places that would spark lots of interest in all ages. Road trip! Traveling to different places is always a great plan full of adventures with kids.

Online Language Classes

Games/Characters/Festivals that represent the different groups of people in these distinct regions. Every region has its very specific ways to have fun, create universal characters and celebrate their unique and unambiguous traditions. Kids love the challenge.

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