10 Frequently Asked Questions About Language Immersion

Language Immersion is a teaching technique in which learners are ‘immersed’ (surrounded continually) in the target language so that the target language becomes the primary means to teach it.
Here are 10 Frequently Asked Questions about Language Immersion:


      1. What is Language Immersion?

Language Immersion is a teaching technique in which learners are ‘immersed’ (surrounded continually) in the target language so that the target language becomes the primary means to teach it. For example, in Cultural Bytes classes, our native-speaking teachers speak only in French, Mandarin, or Spanish, reserving English only to avoid frustration or clarify an important point.


      2. How Can Students Learn While Instructed in a Language they Don’t Understand?

At first glance, it sounds crazy to teach a foreign language with that foreign language. However, this method works, because every person learns their first language by being completely immersed in it while not yet understanding it. Cultural Bytes teachers use facial expressions, voice inflections, repetition of phrases and words, context clues, and visual queues while speaking the foreign language. You’d be amazed how your brain is able to understand the general meaning as it stores vocabulary words and recognizes patterns. Don’t believe me? Send an email to info@cultural-bytes.org or call (818) 9373615 and ask for a  free one-on-one trial language immersion class in Spanish, French, or Mandarin. 


      3. What is the difference between a 90:10 and a 50:50 model?

These are ratios of time spent in the target language. A 90:10 model spends 90% of the class in the target language and 10% in the native language, while a 50:50 model spends 50% of the class in the target language and 50% in the native language. Cultural Bytes classes implement the 90:10 model. 


      4. What are the Benefits of Language Immersion?

Improved pronunciation and accent, enhanced communication skills, cultural understanding, increased confidence, accelerated learning, and cognitive benefits are just a few of the many benefits of language immersion. 


      5. Will Language Immersion Affect Native Language Skills?

There is a belief floating around that learning two languages is dangerous and will lead to confusion in a person’s native language. While it can be natural for a person to mix up words from native language and the target language, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that language immersion is damaging to a person’s native language, while there is an abundance of studies, research, and evidence to support the benefits of language immersion. 


      6. What Are Immersion Classes Like?

Cultural Bytes offers online One-on-one classes for children (and adults on special request) in Spanish, French and Mandarin. Cultural Bytes also offers in person Spanish camps and an online Spanish camp (ViLaCa) for children ages 4-6 and 7-12. No matter the language, class, or age group you can expect the following:

  • Qualified Native-Speaking Teachers. Our teachers love their students 
  • Cultural experiences. Our motto is “Learn the culture. Learn the language.” The two are inseparable, and in our classes you will learn about historical events, lands, foods, animals, and other cultural aspects of the countries where the target language is spoken (French, Spanish, or Mandarin). 
  • Fun! Say goodbye to boring vocabulary lists and hello to crafts, music, games, and lots of smiles and laughter in our interactive and engaging Cultural Bytes’ classes. 


       7. What if I or My Child Do not Respond Well?

We are certain that you and your child will find our classes valuable and effective, and we suggest giving it a little time to adjust to the immersion method. However, if you or your child do no not respond well to our classes, Señora Jackie will be happy to answer questions and offer solutions if you call or email her. 


       8. Can I Help My Child If I Only Speak English?

The answer is a resounding, Yes! Learning another language is never just about the language, because students aren’t mechanisms that merely receive input and process outputs. They have emotions, and only the ones who love them most and know them best are able to come alongside them to encourage and provide resources and opportunities that you know will help them thrive. Something as simple as asking your child what they learned during their class for the day and offering encouragement will make a huge difference in their language learning journey. 


      9. What Makes Cultural Byte’s Language Immersion Programs So Special?

Other language programs that do not trust the language immersion method will water down their class to only speak the target language 50% of the time or never ask the child to speak the target language. Here at Cultural Bytes, we speak the target language 90% of the time to immerse and challenge our students, while simultaneously listening to their needs, questions, and frustrations. Other language programs will provide activities that are seemingly random time-fillers. Here at Cultural Bytes, we tie our lessons to the culture of the target language so that every lesson is intentional and effective. 


      10. Where Can I Learn More About Cultural Bytes’ Language Immersion Programs?

To talk to someone about our amazing programs, please do one of the following:

  • Call (818) 9373615
  • Send and email to info@cultural-bytes.org
  • Check out our website at www.cultural-bytes.org


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