Terms and Conditions

  • Photography and Videography: I give permission for photos and videos to be taken of my children while they are attending the program. These photos and videos may be used for promotional or educational purposes.

  • Refunds and Credits: There are no refunds available for the program. However, in certain circumstances, such as a class cancellation, a credit towards the next program may be offered as an alternative.

  • Compliance with Rules: It is understood that my child must adhere to the rules and instructions provided by the teachers and staff. Failure to comply may result in the removal of my child from the program.

  • First Class Free: For first-time students, the first class is free of charge. This allows new participants to experience the program before committing to further sessions.

  • Subscription Program: If I have signed up for a subscription program, I will be charged on a monthly basis. The charge will occur on the same date as my initial payment. I have the flexibility to cancel my subscription at any time.

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