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Classes for kids are always LIVELY, FUN, and follow the TOTAL IMMERSION method!

Camps for kids
Cultural Bytes provides in-person learning camp experiences in Spanish, French, and Mandarin for children!

We provide many options based on duration and frequency for each language.  Summer camps, Winter camps, Saturday camp, learning pods for families, enrichment for schools.

From the very first day, our exciting and engaging programs focus on learning, playing, and speaking!

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We now only offer in-person classes in Burbank, California. And some private learning pod sites.
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Our in-person programs mirror the delight of a child learning in the hands of a caring and doting parent. This is only possible thanks to our passionate teachers who work hard to teach the language and provide this experience from start to finish. 


Our curriculum is crafted in such a way that each child discovers the language taught from their own viewpoint and actively communicates what they’ve learned via academic skills and other creative forms, extending their comprehension at deeper levels while substantially connecting with others.

Listen to Señora Jackie explain how total immersion works well with kids when teaching a language.

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