Programs for kids are always LIVELY, FUN, and follow the TOTAL IMMERSION method!

Dive into a World of Languages This Summer with Our Cultural Camps in Burbank, CA!

Monday – Thursday (with Additional Friday): A Summer Adventure in Language Awaits!

Busy parents, rejoice! Our all-day language camps in Burbank offer the perfect escape for your kids from the routine of schoolwork. Immerse them in the vibrant traditions of Spanish speaking cultures during the summer season. It’s more than just a camp; it’s a cultural expedition!

Why Choose Our Language Camps?

  • Convenient Schedule: Designed for busy families, our camps run from Monday to Thursday, with an additional option for Friday.
  • Early Start: The program begins early in the day, maximizing your workday while your kids engage in meaningful language activities.

A Unique Learning Experience.

  • Innovative Strategies:  We use singular and tested methods to ensure kids learn and retain daily material.
  • Comprehensive Learning: Focusing on all four language skills, we dive deep into theme-related vocabulary, sentence structures, and cultural nuances.
  • Creative Expression: Watch your child’s confidence soar with student-led presentations at the end of the camp, showcasing their newfound language skills and cultural knowledge.

Cultural Immersion Like Never Before:

  • Vivid Traditions: Like every year, we’re bringing to life the colorful traditions of the Spanish speaking world.
  • Engaging Activities:  From crafting to catchy songs and captivating stories, our camps are packed with fun and interactive ways to learn.
  • Native Speaking Teachers: Our caring and experienced instructors ensure an authentic and enriching language experience.

Safety is Our Priority

COVID-19 Guidelines: Rest assured, we adhere to current COVID guidelines to ensure the safety of students, parents, and staff.

Ready to Enroll Your Child in a Winter, Spring or Summer recess of Fun and Learning?

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Limited Spots Available:  Don’t miss this opportunity to enrich your child’s summer with language and culture!

Cultural Camps in Burbank: Where Language Learning Meets School recess Fun!

Listen to Señora Jackie explain how total immersion works well with kids when teaching a language.

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