Arroz con Piña – Cooking with Valentina

"Arroz con piña" is a refreshing and sweet pineapple rice drink that is popular in Panama.
“Arroz con piña” is a refreshing and sweet pineapple rice drink that is popular in Panama.

Today, we offer you a “two for one” – a delicious dessert recipe with a cultural lesson to accompany. If you visited Panama and asked for an arroz con piña drink from a street vendor, you might be shocked when they reach into their coolers and hand you a plastic bag filled with liquid. You look around and see someone bite the corner of the bag and pour the juice into their mouth in such a way as to not spill on their clothes. Why? Juice is commonly served in bags because it is cheap and convenient and often more accessible than cans or plastic, especially during times of past war in many Latin American countries. You’ve answered the why, and now onto the what – what is this drink?


Arroz con piña is a rice-based drink which has many variations in different Latin American countries, such as horchata in Mexico. In Panama, people have found creative ways to consume the abundance of pineapples such as baking them into cakes, blending them into smoothies, and juicing them into various drinks. Arroz con piña is easy to make and refreshing on a hot day. Let’s make it together with Valentina! You can even drink it out of a plastic bag if you wish to feel like you’re walking the streets of Panama. 


Utensils (English and Spanish)


  • Scale (Gramera)
  • Mixer (Licuadora)
  • Pot (Olla)
  • Tongs (Pinzas de cocina)
  • Stove (Estuva)
  • Glass (Vaso)
  • Bowls (Bowls)


Ingredients (English and Spanish)

  • Water (agua)
  • Rice (arroz) – 3.52 ounces
  • Pineapple (piña) – 1 can
  • Sugar (azucar) – to taste
  • Cinnamon to taste
  • Pineapple peel to taste
  • Ice cubes


Follow Along with the Video Below



  1. In a pot, put water, rice, pineapple, and cinnamon. Cook together until the rice cooks.
  2. Put ingredients into a blender and add sugar. Blend until well blended.
  3. Pour into a glass and add ice.
  4. Enjoy!



  1. En una olla poner agua, arroz, piña y canela. Cocine juntos hasta que el arroz se cocine.
  2. Pon los ingredientes en una licuadora y agrega el azúcar. Licue hasta que esté bien mezclado.
  3. Vierta en un vaso y agregue hielo.
  4. ¡Disfrutar!


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