Facing our fears is, for sure, the path to a happier life.


By Amalia Low

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With this first book, Libertad, Cultural Bytes welcomes Amalia Low as our first artist, launching a series of multilingual picture books with a philosophy for children.

Amalia Low

Amalia Low, pianist, artist, and author, has written numerous picture books that have inspired many young people to pick up a book and start reading, thanks to her wit, sensitivity, and irreverence.


She has published fourteen book albums, some of which have been translated into French, Portuguese, Korean, and Italian. Since 2012, Amalia has toured with her literary-musical shows at book fairs, schools, auditoriums, parks, and libraries in several cities in Colombia and internationally in Panama, the Dominican Republic, Spain (Madrid Book Fair 2021), France, and Switzerland. 


Among her awards are: a Biblored 2015 interdisciplinary creation award, Idartes 2016 literature circulation scholarship, Idartes 2020 children’s story soundtrack award, an honorable mention in the ALAS-IDB Award for best children’s story 2015, and some awards as an illustrator.


This inspiring book, which introduces us to philosophy from a young age with this great adventure, can be read in four different languages: Spanish, English, French, and Mandarin.

If you want to access the version in another language, click on the language of your choice.


Libertad, is a children’s book to read while enjoying beautiful songs.

Songwriting: Amalia Low.
Track production: Anaïs Low.
Spanish, English and French voice tracks: Anaïs Low.
English and Spanish audiobook reading: Amalia Low.
French audiobook reading: Anaïs Low.
Mandarin book reading: Fanxi Zeng.
Mandarin voice tracks: Fanxi Zeng.

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