Must-Know Spanish Phrases for Christmas This Year

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year

With the kids jingle belling

And everyone telling you be of good cheer

It’s the most wonderful time of the year”


With Christmas time in full swing, you can give the gift of language connection to your Spanish-speaking friends and family by speaking their heart language with them. Here are some must-know Spanish phrases for Christmas this year:

Christmas Decorations
Christmas tree

árbol de Navidad

Christmas lights

luces de Navidad










Copo de nieve

Nativity Scene (Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Wise Men, Shepherds, Angel, Star)

Belén (Niño Jesús, María, José, Reyes Magos, Pastores, Ángel, Estrella)


Christmas Stories

Santa Claus

Papá Noel

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer 

Rudolph el reno de nariz roja

North Pole

Polo Norte

Santa’s Elves

Los elfos de Papá Noel


Christmas Cheer

Merry Christmas!

¡Feliz navidad!

I love being with my family. 

Me encanta estar con mi familia.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. 

Es la época más maravillosa del año.

Remember what this holiday represents.

Recuerda lo que representa esta festividad.

I wish everyday could be Christmas.

Ojalá todos los días pudieran ser Navidad.

Gift Giving and Receiving
Thank you for my gift. 

Gracias por mi regalo.

It’s your turn to open a gift.

Es tu turno de abrir un regalo.

I think you will like your gift. 

Creo que te gustará tu regalo.

Can I open this gift?

¿Puedo abrir este regalo?

This is what I wanted!

¡Esto es lo que quería!


Christmas Dinner 
I’m hungry.

Tengo hambre.

It’s time to eat dinner.

Es hora de cenar.

Can you please pass the….?

¿Puedes pasar el…?

I like this dish the best. 

Me gusta más este plato.

That was delicious!

¡Eso estuvo delicioso!

I’m full.

Estoy lleno.

Christmas comes around once a year, but the Spanish language and culture is an everyday experience for millions across the globe. To learn Spanish in a fun and effective way, sign your child up for ViLaCa (Virtual Language Camp) or One-on-one tutoring. 

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