Camps for Kids!​

LOOKing for a different Summer program this year? Learn Spanish!

LOOKing for just a few days to keep the kids bussy? Play in SPANISH or FRENCH for one day or two!

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Camps are an all-day, Monday – Thursday option (Friday is additional) for busy parents and kids on winter in Burbank, CA. It’s a wonderful time to take a break from all the boring school work and learn more about the colorful traditions in the different Spanish and French speaking countries during this time of year. This program starts early in the day so you can get the most out of your working day and organize your kids in meaningful activities, such as learning or perfecting their language skills.

Singular and tested strategies are used in making sure kids learn and retain the material presented each day. At Camp, using all four skills, kids practice in depth theme-related vocabulary and sentence structures, simple and complex commands and lots of culture are all introduced and practiced each day. Lovely and self-assessed student led presentations are displayed at the end of the camp.  They will encourage your child and bring a smile to you.  

Native speaking and caring teachers and avid students will focus this year in living out as much as possible the main colorful traditions celebrated in the Spanish and French speaking world during this season. Lots of engaging activities and loads of fun. Making crafts, learning catchy songs and traveling through stories and short skits our students will want to actually get to know up close about these countries.

Parents, kids and teachers can feel safe. Current COVID guidelines will be followed at all times. 

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What would you like your kids to learn in Spanish this summer?

What would you like your kids to learn in French this summer?

These two all-day FRIDAYS are additional to the main Mon-Thu program and seek to be absolutely ALL about fun. Indoor and outdoor activities scheduled for kids who want to use all they’ve learned throughout the week in a fun and engaging way. Kids who want to just take ONE day of Spanish and French are welcomed to join the amusement we’ll be having throughout this day.

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