Saturday Classes for Kids!

Language Classes for kids

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Language Classes for kids

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Camps for kids
Language Classes for kids

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Saturday Camp for kids is our week-end in-person program which is offered half a day in the mornings, where kids enjoy full time language learning skills through interactive play and crafts, indoors and outside. Culturally relevant themes every Saturday will solidify your children’s knowledge about the language and use it more confidently with family and friends. If you and your family are traveling during the break, this program will support your efforts to improve their language skills since we incorporate current and prior learning in each class. After joining this program your kids will definitely help you make specific requests while you travel abroad.  

Spanish and French language playfully taught and retained throughout the morning at our Saturday Camp program in Glendale, CA.
New students are welcomed with little or no knowledge in the language. These kids will learn so much with the help of our caring native speaking teachers and, with the extra support from their very own peers, who’ve increased their language skills while attending one of our previous programs during the summer, winter or online.

Parents, kids and teachers can feel safe. Current COVID guidelines will be followed at all times. 

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