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"<yoastmarkSamantha here for another week of our Byte Blog! The heat is turning up here, letting us know that summer is just around the corner. We have been getting excited for our summer preparations for camp. Last week we mentioned our Summer language day camps. Check out our blog post that goes into further detail, Summer Language Day Camps. Join Us

We also talked about what our ViLaCa campers learned during their week! There are always new and exciting topics for our virtual campers. These topics range from language learning to culture. Our students are introduced to fruits and vegetables, land and sea animals, and important locations in Latin America. 

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“Capuchin monkeys are considered to be one of the most intelligent monkeys in the world…

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Let’s familiarize ourselves better with ViLaCa. An interesting topic that our students get to learn about in Spanish are land and sea animals! For example, the Capuchin monkey, or Mono capuchino. We introduce the topic and ask the students before continuing what they think the animal looks like and how big it is. We then reveal a picture of the animal with some general information.

Capuchin monkeys are considered to be one of the most intelligent monkeys in the world and at times are kept as exotic pets! The students get to learn how the animal was given its name and some of its physical characteristics. They are also taught about their habitat, eating habits, temperament, the way they communicate with each other, and mating rituals. Students learn about the animal’s predators and if the species are endangered. A major reason the Mono Capuchino is in danger is due to their habitat being destroyed. Lastly they watched a quick video of Mono Capuchino interacting in its environment. 

There is so much to learn at ViLaCa if you have not already, join us! We tune in Monday through Thursday. Check out our Cultural Bytes website to learn what this interactive program has to offer.


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