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The Palmares Festival

The Palmares Festival
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Welcome back to our Byte Blog! Continuing our Spanish learning journey with ViLaCa we will see time and time again all the fascinating topics our students will be learning! Last week our blog featured a flower festival that is celebrated in Colombia. Many people travel to Medellín to take part in the festivities. Check out last week’s blog, The Flower Fair to learn more! The Palmares Festival

This week we will touch base on another festival, this time in Costa Rica! Every year around the first two weeks of January in the city of Palmares. This small town has created a reputation for hosting one of the most exciting and anticipated celebrations each year in Costa Rica. Those who attend get to enjoy concerts, comedy, carnivals, sporting events, fireworks, bullfights a la Tica and more. To start off the festivities each year, the organizers start with a minor league soccer match and a parade of lanterns to illuminate the festival site.


“This is not a traditional bullfight event, the public can attend and participate!


During the Palmares Festival many popular and well known musicians of the region perform in concerts. The concerts are typically held on the weekend with Sunday being the designated day for the most known performers, so the ticket prices tend to be higher. One of the main highlights of the festival are the bulls. This is not a traditional bullfight event, the public can attend and participate! This is called “Toros a la Tica”. While this event attracts a large crowd, there is still another event that takes the cake, the parade of horses. This event is part of the opening celebrations. The locals ride their best and most beautiful horses. Thousands of people fill the main streets of the city to watch.

This festival has so much going on, it is no wonder that it has cultivated quite the reputation as one of the most exciting in Costa Rica! Have you ever witnessed a bullfight or even participated perhaps? Let us know in the comments below!


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