Ties with France

Ties with France
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Cities like Los Angeles, CA and Miami, FL are known for having Spanish ties. Spanish is not the only foreign language that is culturally tied to the U.S. There are places in the U.S. where a French dialect is spoken. That is in New Orleans, Louisiana. This city is well known for its nightlife and it is also known for its French heritage. Ties with France

“There are places in the U.S. where a French dialect is spoken.”

Ties with France

New Orleans was founded 1718 and named after the Duke of Orleans. Even after France cut ties with New Orleans and was then under Spanish rule, the city kept its French heritage. School lessons were taught in French, newspapers were published in French, and the locals looked to France for culture and fashion. In 1803, with the Louisiana Purchase the U.S. acquired a vast amount of territory from France and so New Orleans became an American city. Nonetheless French culture is still a major part of the city.

Many of the streets are French names, restaurants still carry traditional French menus and French influence is found in local cooking. A statue of Joan of Arc, which was gifted to New Orleans by France. The Joan of Arc statue is the exact replica of the one found in France. The presence of French heritage is strong in New Orleans and throughout Louisiana. Ethnic groups such as Acadians or Cajun still speak a dialect of French. Their roots are traced back to Acadian settlers who were exiled from France during the Seven Years’ War. Their unique French dialect is also known as Louisiana French

New Orleans has gone through changes of management, Frenchmen settled the area, soon after Spain took control of the area, then France sold the territory to the U.S. to avoid losing the territory to Britain. Even so, the city and its people proudly retained their French heritage, as it is clearly shown throughout New Orleans. Ties with France

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