Dreams of Becoming a Writer

Dreams of Becoming a Writer
Dreams of Becoming a Writer

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In last week’s post, Take a Peek into Patio Cultural Macon2, we got the opportunity to share with you some information about an amazing foundation, Patio Cultural Macon2. We had the opportunity to speak with Elvia Candanoza to learn about this foundation. Patio Cultural Macon2 has been committed to social and community work in Barranquilla, Colombia.

They Provide children and adolescents a safe space that shelters them from problems that surround them every day, such as drugs, gangs, and socio-economic problems. Check out last week’s post if you missed it! This week we are taking a look into the lives of those who help make things possible for the participants of Patio Cultural Macon2. Elvia Candoza shares a little bit about herself and how she became involved in the foundation.

Dreams of Becoming a Writer “…Candoza wanted to create a space where students could be provided with everything necessary so that they would not give up on their dreams.”

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Candoza tells us that at a very young age, around the age of seven, her passion for reading began. She devoured any books that came her way. At the age of ten she had more access to books thanks to her father. Some of the books that she got her hands on were more advanced for her age but it was those books that awakened a strong desire in her to write.

Candoza’s father supported her reading and later when she began writing her own stories he continued to support her. While she had her father’s support, at times her mother objected to her interest in writing. When her father passed away her mother continued to object, telling her that they did not have the financial standing to pursue her dreams of becoming a writer.

Candoza’s dream to write and publish a book never died and so she pursued her childhood dream. She self-published a book in Spanish called “Río Verde, Crónica de un amor inundado de violencia”. The book is based on real life events and is dedicated to the victims of violence in Colombia. She became involved with Patio Cultural Macon2 after working with the Luz de Esperanza Foundation.

There she worked with children and adolescents. Five years with the foundation she realized that many of the participants did not finish the programs because of lack of resources. Some did not attend classes because of not having transportation, others due to lack of materials.

Witnessing this and from her own experience of not having enough support to pursue her dreams to write and publish a book as a child Candoza wanted to create a space where students could be provided with everything necessary so that they would not give up on their dreams. It is people like Elvia Candoza who continue to inspire Nacho Books to become involved with making an impact not just close to our home but in other countries too!

In the upcoming weeks we will share a little more about Elvia Candoza and her participation at Patio Cultural Macon2 and how she connected with Nacho Books!

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