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Discovering Other’s Talents

Discovering Other’s Talents
Dreams of Becoming a Writer
Photo by Patio Cultura Macon2

Taking a look into last week’s post, Dreams of Becoming a Writer, Elvia Candoza shared some personal details with us that led her to Patio Cultural Macon2. Candoza gave us some insight on her upbringing. She fell in love with reading and through the support and encouragement of her father it led her to find another passion, writing.

Even with odds against her, not having her mother’s full support in pursuing her passions, her father’s passing, and going through difficult financial situations, she persevered. Candoza pursued her childhood dreams and wrote a book. Reflecting back on her life she wanted to help children and young adolescents have a space where they could pursue their dreams and have support that she lacked at home. Check out last week’s post to read more about it!

Discovering Other’s Talents “…it is fulfilling to see what that she has accomplished in preserving and strengthening the dreams that participants of the program have.”

Ties with France

This week we will learn more about Candoza. She shared with us her other life’s passions. We know from last week that she loves to read, from that her love for writing emerged. Her other passion is her life’s work. She loves to work with the children and young adolescents from Patio Cultural Macon2. Candoza says that it is fulfilling to see what that she has accomplished in preserving and strengthening the dreams that participants of the program have. She wants others to know that she is a dreamer and that she is more than willing to help others achieve their dreams. That is what she is doing now, discovering other’s talents and nurturing those talents so that they continue to pursue them. 

Candoza also shared how she came into contact with Nacho books. She admits that our books are well known throughout Latin America. Many children have used our books to learn how to read and write.  Though her greatest motivation to reach out to us because of our connection to a sister foundation. At Nacho Books we are happy to constantly make connections with those who are hungry to learn and those who want to aid in that journey for others. 

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