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How To Choose A Summer Cam | Cultural Bytesp

Trading jackets for short sleeve shirts, stocking up on popsicles in the freezer, brining those beach towels out of storage. These details point to one exciting thing: Summer is coming! For those parents wishing to allow the fun and sun of summer for their child, while still keeping their learning up, we introduce you to Cultural Bytes Summer Camp, an excellent place to send your child this summer for the following reasons:

Location, Location, Location


 To begin with, our camp is located in the heart of Glendale, CA, the perfect, central location in the greater Los Angeles county area. Similar camps can be found in nearby cities like La Cañada, Pasadena, and Eagle Rock, but our location is most easily accessed for those coming from all surrounding areas. Cultural Bytes Summer Camp works for parents who want to drop their child off for a whole day of fun at our campus. We do not provide field trips, like Camp Exposure (, or bring the camp to your backyard like Kallapachay (

All the Fun of Summer…


Visit us on any day of the week, and you’ll find students partaking in competitive and team games, songs, dance, arts and crafts, and more, all geared towards learning the colorful traditions celebrated in the Spanish and French speaking world. From ‘baking’ a churro (a Hispanic dessert) with playdough, to creating a French “ville” (city) out of a toilet paper roll and colored paper, to sliding down a watery slip-n-slide, at this camp we engage our minds, feet, hands, smiles, and imaginations to make learning come alive. While we provide lots of on-site fun, we do not provide the overnight ‘camping’ experience in nature that some parents may want their child to experience, such as Camp Gilboa provides ( 

…With All the Learning of Fall


But what use is fun if it all the learning flows away like water on a slip-n-slide? Each day of camp, our native language speaking and caring teachers introduce theme-related vocabulary and sentence structures, simple and complex commands, and important cultural information that will grow your child’s understanding of the world and help them relate to another culture. Cultural Bytes specializes and excels in Language learning and all our crafts, activities, and fun is geared toward that end. While this is our strength, this makes it so that we are not as equipped as other camps, like Steve and Kate’s Camp (, to expose children to different types of learning and specialty skills such as technology and performing arts.


Last, but most certainly not least, we come to the issue of finances. Most full day camps we researched were more expensive than our camp, and a comparative Language Camp called Kallpachay ( charges 1.5x the amount per week that Cultural Bytes charges. We believe that our prices are fair and affordable for the quality of education and hours provided. Advantage: Fair, affordable cost for a full-day camp. Potential disadvantage: Lunch and field trips not included in price package.

If these criteria are what you’re looking for this summer, Cultural Bytes Summer Camp is the place to be! Don’t just take our word for it – check out

( to see what others are saying about Cultural Bytes.

Parents, kids and teachers can feel safe. Current COVID guidelines will be followed at all times.

Call TODAY or email for more information about our Summer Camp.


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