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Welcome back to our Byte Blog! Continuing our Spanish learning journey with ViLaCa we will see time and time again all the fascinating topics our students will be learning! These last few weeks we have been sharing the many different festivals and your not so average animals that are found throughout Latin America. Did you like last week’s blog about The half point of the world? If not, check out Ciudad Mitad del Mundo to learn more!

Do you have a favorite fruit? What is your go to fruit when you want something sweet? In the southern parts of Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean one can find a deliciously sweet fruit known as chicozapote. It’s an oval shaped fruit with a reddish brown color and it has a sweet flavor. It grows in tropical areas of the Americas and is picked from trees of the same name. It’s also known as chicle or sapodilla. This fruit is used for the production of chewing gum! Next time you chew a piece of gum maybe this fruit was used in the process to make it. Chicozapote


“This fruit is used for the production of chewing gum!


It is known that the Mayans used to eat this fruit fresh, make drinks from it and make sweets and it was also used for medicinal purposes! Chicozapote, or as it is also known as sapodilla, has natural sources of vitamin A and C, it helps treat respiratory problems, and it is good for visual health. With healing antibiotic properties that enhance the immune system, high fiber content, rich antioxidants and so much more makes this a super fruit! While this fruit is native to Mesoamerica, it has traveled around the world. It is widely cultivated in Southeast Asia and is exported to Europe.

The trees that grow this fruit are used for the latex that is extracted from its bark. There are so many uses for the fruit and the tree it grows from. Have you tried this fruit before? Did you know about all of its amazing properties? Let us know in the comments below and join us in ViLaCa to learn more!

  Spanish learning  Festival of Congos and Devils

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