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Join us as we celebrate the culture and impact of Hispanic Americans in the community!
City of Burbank – Government @BurbankCA

Thank you for asking me to accept this year’s proclamation of Hispanic Heritage Month.

As a Colombian-American, I’m honored to represent the community this year, and I appreciate the city’s efforts in this regard.


Hispanic Heritage Month must be unique to each individual, and it is definitely a beautiful opportunity to exhibit our uniqueness. But, before I go any further, I’d like to remind you that Spanish is the official language of 21 nations, including Spain and Equatorial Guinea in Africa. And, just as there are variances between the East and West coasts, as well as the south and northern states in the United States, distinct differences exist in these 21 nations. As a result, as we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, there is a flood of rich varieties of cultures that rushes forth like a swarm of monarch butterflies.

Our city’s dual language schools, small companies, and great individuals in the culinary sector, healthcare, real estate, government, and so on present Hispanic heritage culture in such beautiful and astounding ways that children, families, and the entire city are saturated by this scent. What a wonderful time to savor delectable and traditional foods in our city’s vibrant restaurants, bars, and homes. Hispanic Heritage Month is also an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with artists and authors who speak about hispanic identity and the battle to be seen, acknowledged, and heard. But don’t we all suffer like this?

One of the reasons I’m honored is that this proclamation is a chance to celebrate Hispanic and Latino heritage for a month, and because I’m here to accept it. Because we are not hidden, but rather in plain sight. So many individuals around us, including our city’s Mayor, Jesse Talamantes, and Councilmember Bob Frutos, as well as all the industrious people in the many sectors of the economy, all the businesses founded by people and with the support of people of Hispanic and Latino origin. That’s why I’d want to spotlight each of them by visiting as many individuals, places, businesses, and organizations as I can this month to convey this proclamation that is also properly theirs. Because we’re present everywhere.

And when I share my proclamation with the community, perhaps I will report back on my experience. I’m sure I’ll see many unique mixes of Hispanic and Latino cultures with other cultures that have evolved when mingled with other equally diverse cultures that comprise our city, such as American, Armenian, Asian, African-American, Middle Eastern, and European. Thank you for giving us the chance to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and add our particular fiery spice to it to this month.

And as a sign of gratitude I’d like to give each one of you the chance to enjoy a few of the main representations from the different countries celebrating this month their independence motivating the celebration to be a month long. These countries are Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Chile and each of these designs include the national flower, bird, instrument and folk attire. As the founder of Cultural Bytes, the most interactive language program for kids offering classes in person and online, we’ve built our program around the importance of connecting kids with culture so the language comes alive. Learn the culture, learn the language.


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