When should I teach my child Spanish?

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When should I teach my child Spanish?

online classes Los Angeles


The sooner you start the better.

To answer the question: When should I teach my child Spanish? Let me first give you some examples: My younger sister, who is seven years my junior, still can’t ride a bike! But, unless she truly needs to go from point A to point B without using a car or wants to be in shape, she is unlikely to try to learn today. Aside from that, it’s most likely too late. But for what is it too late? She’s doomed if she wants to train for the Olympics at the youthful age of 40+. She’ll be OK if she only needs to travel around to get organic groceries. 

If she’d learned to ride a bike sooner, she’d be on her way to being the next Jennifer Valente of the United States!

Language learning, like other essential things in life, begins at an early age.

Some fundamental concepts, such as your student’s age, the language learning approach you’ve chosen, and how much exposure to the language you will/do offer, are all things I’d address first. The sooner, though, the better.

When should you begin teaching your child Spanish or a new language, though?

Well, it all depends on what you’re trying to do with this new instruction. Are you an Armenian or a devout Jew? You’re probably not asking yourself this question because you already know it’s a part of who you are and likely began with your first ultrasound! Learning an additional language appears to be optional for other ethnic groups. “We’ve managed thus far without it,” says the mindset, “but our performance would undoubtedly increase if we included it as an addition.” And with that, you’ve addressed your second question, when should I start, as well as how difficult it will eventually be.

However, let us continue to address the subject of when should I begin teaching my child Spanish. I’d go inside with a cup of joe or, if you prefer, a glass of room temperature chardonnay and find out why you haven’t begun yet. You’ll need the fortitude to confront this as soon as possible so you’re better prepared to face the myriad issues and decisions you’ll have to make.

So, let’s return to my original remark. How important is it for your learner to master the language? What is your motivation for him/her to study it? Which competence, speaking, listening, reading, or writing, would you prefer to focus on first, or all of them at once? How will you know whether your learner is making steady progress and staying on track with the language? What do you know about teaching languages? Should I complete this activity in a formal educational environment? Is it realistic for me to try this task on my own? Yes, you certainly can. And you must think that it is just too crucial to wait another minute. Prepare yourself for the blow. You’ll make it.

Where should I start teaching my child Spanish?

If you’re asking yourself the question: “When should I start teaching my child Spanish?” The answer is: Now. And if you want to take action and teach your child Spanish, this article on our byte blog can be useful for you: How can I help my child learn Spanish? (or my home language?)


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