40 Spanish Words and Phrases Related to Having a Party

Throwing a party and want to impress your guests with your Spanish skills? Try these words and phrases on for size.

If you want to hear any of these words/sentences pronounced correctly in Spanish, copy and paste the word into Google Translate and click on the ‘listen’ audio button.

Vocabulary words:

1. Fiesta – Party
2. Celebración – Celebration
3. Invitados – Guests
4. Música – Music
5. Baile – Dance
6. Decoraciones – Decorations
7. Bebidas – Drinks
8. Comida – Food
9. Anfitrión/Anfitriona – Host/Hostess
10. Invitación – Invitation
11. Regalos – Gifts
12. Globos – Balloons
13. Confeti – Confetti
14. Cumpleaños – Birthday
15. Cumpleaños sorpresa – Surprise birthday
16. Baile de disfraces – Costume party
17. Parrillada – BBQ
18. Juegos – Games
19. Karaoke – Karaoke
20. Bocadillos – Snacks
21. Pastel – Cake
22. Vela – Candle
23. Cumpleañero – Birthday person
24. Baúl de disfraces – Costume trunk
25. Fiesta temática – Themed party

Before the Party

26. “Estás invitado a mi fiesta” (male guest) or “”Estás invitada a mi fiesta” (female guest).
“You’re invited to my party.”

27. “Es una fiesta de cumpleaños.” – It’s a birthday party.”

28. “Por favor traiga un regalo para el cumpleañero y la cumpleañera.”
Please bring a gift for the birthday boy and birthday girl.

During the Party

29. “¡Sorpresa!” – Surprise!

30. “Feliz cumpleaños para ti, feliz cumpleaños para ti, feliz cumpleaños querido _____, ¡feliz cumpleaños para ti!”
“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear _____ (say their name), happy birthday to you!

31. “Me estoy divirtiendo mucho” – I’m having lots of fun.

32. “Las decoraciones son coloridas y festivas.” – The decorations are colorful and festive.

33. “Espero que disfrutes la comida.” – I hope you enjoy the food.

34. “Hay premios para los juegos.” – There are prizes for the games.

35. “Los niños están jugando mientras los adultos conversan.” – The children are playing while the adults are talking.

36. “El pastel de cumpleaños es de chocolate y está delicioso.” – The birthday cake is chocolate and delicious.

37. “¿Dónde debo poner el regalo?” – Where should I put the gift?

38. “Invité a todos mis amigos y familiares.” – I invited all my friends and family.

After the Party

39. “Gracias por venir.” – Thank you for coming.

40. “¿Me ayudarás a limpiar?” – Will you help me clean up?


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