A Language Learning Opportunity

A Language Learning Opportunity
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Last week we had final questions and comments with Eliza Candoza in Discovering Other’s Talents, about her work with Patio Cultural Macon2. Learning about her childhood, life’s passions, and dedicated work with the foundation led the conversation to how she connected with Nacho Books. Candoza related her childhood experiences of having many odds against her with the similar experiences of those who participated in the programs of Patio Cultural Macon2. She heard about us from a colleague who is from another foundation. Having reached out to us and telling us about what her foundation does and we were more than happy to donate to her cause. At Nacho books we love to support those who are hungry to learn and those who are passionate to help facilitate opportunities for a learning environment. Check out our previous blogs to read more about Patio Cultural Macon2.

A Language Learning Opportunity “…packed with engaging and interesting topics such as foods, animals, places, and games.”

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Taking a step back from Patio Cultural Macon2 and Nacho Books, I am reporting on a great language learning opportunity with Cultural Bytes! Have you heard of ViLaCa? It is a Virtual Language Learning Camp and currently the camps are available in Spanish for kids in grades Kindergarten through Fourth. At ViLaCa your kids can develop their Spanish skills by taking our virtual sessions. Each 60 minute session is packed with engaging and interesting topics such as foods, animals, places, and games. The camp is open for kids who are intermediate Spanish speakers, Bilingual students, and Native speakers. The sessions also include crafts! Topics are introduced from a kid’s perspective on any of the 21 Spanish speaking countries. 

ViLaCa creates a space for constant interactive participation with teachers that will only speak to the students in the target language. The online sessions are fully immersed and NO ENGLISH will be used in class. 

Visit our website Cultural Bytes | Interactive Language Program (cultural-bytes.org) to learn more!


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