Merengón – Cooking with Valentina

Merengón is a traditional Colombian dish of Meringue topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit.

Imagine biting into a fluffy cloud with a slight hint of a crunchy shell on the outside and a warm, soft, marshmallowy interior melting in your mouth. Then you will have a bit of an idea of what it is to enjoy the desert known as Meringue, or in Spanish, Merengón. Merengón is much beloved in Colombia that you will see at special celebrations like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and holidays like Christmas and Easter. Adorned with fruits of all colors, the presentation is almost as pleasing to look at as it is to eat. Almost. Let’s try making this delicious dessert together!


Utensils (English and Spanish)

  • Mixer (Batidora)
  • Scale (Gramera)
  • Bowls (Bowls)
  • Pastry Spatula (espátula)
  • Pastry bag (Manga Pastelera)
  • Cutting board (Tabla para picar)
  • Oven (Horno)
  • Waxed paper (Papel mantequilla)
  • Knife (Cuchillo)
  • Baking tray (Bandeja para horno)
  • Hand metal whisk (Batidor manual)


Ingredients (English and Spanish)

  • 3 large egg whites at room temperature (claras de huevos grandes a temperatura ambiente)
  • 2.61 ounces of granulated sugar (Azúcar granulada)
  • 6 drops of lemon juice (Jugo de limón)
  • 1 teaspoon of cornstarch (Fécula de maíz)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract (extracto de vainilla)
  • Sliced ​​fresh strawberries (Fresas frescas en rodajas)
  • Peach (Durazno)
  • Kiwi (Kiwi)
  • Soursop (Guanábana)
  • 2.61 ounces of sugar (azúcar)
  • 3.52 ounces of heavy cream (Crema de leche)


Follow Along with the Video Below



  1. Preheat the oven to 482 degrees Fahrenheit (250 degrees Celsius)
  2. Put the egg whites into the mixer and mix on medium speed. 
  3. Add the sugar in a little bit at a time. Add the lemon juice and the corn starch. 
  4. Squeeze out the mix into flat, spiral shapes on a baking pan. 
  5. Put the pan into the oven and bake for one hour. 
  6. Add the creme de leche and the sugar (again) into the mixer. Mix to the highest setting until fully mixed. Add the Soursop (optional) and mix until smooth. 
  7. When the Meringue is finished baking, put them on a serving plate and slightly break each one up with a spoon so that it is cracked. 
  8. Spoon the creme mixture onto the meringue. 
  9. Place the peaches, kiwi, and strawberries on top and put more cream on top of the fruit. 
  10. Eat and enjoy!



  1. Precalienta el horno a 482 grados Fahrenheit (250 grados Celsius)
  2. Pon las claras en la batidora y mezcla a velocidad media.
  3. Agregue el azúcar poco a poco. Agrega el jugo de limón y la maicena.
  4. Exprima la mezcla en forma de espiral plana sobre una bandeja para hornear.
  5. Mete el molde en el horno y hornea durante una hora.
  6. Agrega la crema de leche y el azúcar (nuevamente) a la batidora. Mezcle a la temperatura más alta hasta que esté completamente mezclado. Agrega la guanábana (opcional) y mezcla hasta que quede suave.
  7. Cuando el Merengón esté terminado de hornearse, ponerlos en un plato para servir y romper ligeramente cada uno con una cuchara para que se agriete.
  8. Vierta la mezcla de crema sobre el merengue.
  9. Colocar encima los melocotones, el kiwi y las fresas y poner más nata encima de la fruta.
  10. ¡Come y disfruta!



Bonus: Did you know?

We say “Merengue” in English and “Merengón” in Spanish for these delicious desserts. But did you know that in the Dominican Republic, they say “Merengue” to refer to the name for the national dance of their country? Words are far more than letters on a page, they hold cultural and historical significance as we speak them. Here at Cultural Bytes Language School, we respect the importance of language and culture as we cover various topics such as locations, foods, animals and recreation found in Latin American countries. And we have a lot of fun, too! Sign up your child for our ViLaCa (Virtual Language Camp), or our One-on-One classes to learn Spanish for yourself!

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